Auxiliary Support Volunteer

The title Auxiliary Support Volunteer is given to any person who is actively working in a voluntary capacity for Rainbows in a support or administrative role. This includes inactive Registered Trainers who have been given this status by their State Committee of Management.

A person with the title of “Auxiliary Support Volunteer” is a full member of Rainbows and as such is entitled to attend meetings, vote and nominate Board and other State representatives in accordance with the Constitution.

Auxiliary Volunteers work in a variety of areas including:-

Fund Raising

Fundraising plays an important part for the Rainbows organization. We rely on team work, donations and support, for without this we would not be able to achieve and contribute to Rainbows for the Children of Australia.

Grant Applications

Applying for grants is a difficult and at times frustrating task. It is extremely competitive and funds are not easy to achieve, however, through the work of our volunteersthis past year, we have successfully received over $10,000 dollars.

Office Administration

Managing the day to day functions of some state offices plays a very important support role to the Registered Trainers for that State and assists with the ongoing financial management of Rainbows.

Financial Preparation/Bookkeeping

Establishing and maintaining record keeping procedures and processes to ensure all financial accounts and reporting is available as required by the Treasurer.