1.How do I get a Rainbows Program in my school as our family is going through some difficult times at present?
Please access the State Tab for the area you live in and you will find a local contact to assist you with all enquiries

2.As a parent how much does it cost for my child to participate in the Rainbows Program?
You may be asked for a gold coin donation but generally, there is no financial cost to your family to be involved in the Rainbows Program. The Programs are run and funded through schools, organisations and care agencies. Please do not hesitate to contact your local Rainbows Office to find out whether your child’s school has a Rainbows Program.

3.Is Rainbows only for families that have had some one die?
No Rainbows is a Program that provides a path to healing for children, adolescents and adults who have experienced any significant change in their lives that has created feelings of yearning and loss. Some examples of significant changes are; moving house, emigrate to Australia, changing states, fly-in-fly-out families, family member in jail, parents in the military, oldest siblings leaving home, living in foster care, adoption, disability, separating families, moving to high school/boarding school/university as well as loss that is created through natural disasters or previously living in war torn countries etc

4.Is Rainbows a religious Program?
No. Rainbows was first developed by Suzy Yeh Marta, a mother who found after being newly divorced, that there was no grief support programs available for her three grieving sons. The Program is continually updated and developed by a mixture of everyday parents, single adults and professionally trained people (for example; teachers, psychologists etc).

5.What duration does the Rainbows Program run for?
The Rainbows Program consists of 12 weekly sessions with the opportunity to re-enrol as often as the participant wishes to. Adolescent and adults journey through grief to resolution and healing is an individual journey. Children and adolescent especially need the opportunity to re-enrol in the Programs. As they develop and mature they are able to understand more, and develop more copying strategies to integrate their loss experience into their everyday lives. Rainbows has Programs to support very young children (SunBeams), primary school children (Rainbows), high school children (Spectrum), and Adult Book Club.

6.How do I volunteer?
Please access the State Tab for the area you live in and you will find a local contact to assist you with all inquiries. Note: you will be required to have a Police Check and a valid “Working with Children” card or the equivalent as part of your volunteer application.