Site Coordinator

The Site Coordinator, a volunteer, directs the operation of the program and provides leadership and supervision for Facilitators at each Rainbows site. As the primary member of the team, he/she should be organized, have good communication skills and be sensitive to the needs of others. The Site Coordinator reports to the Registered Trainer, and is able to order materials for the program.

The Site Coordinator shall:

* Be 21 years of age or older.

* Attend: (Instructed by an accredited Rainbows Registered Trainer)

Coordinator Training.
Facilitator Training.
* Be available by phone or in person to address concerns during weekly meetings.

* Maintain program integrity, promote the mission and availability of Rainbows.

* Invite children, teens and family members to participate via newsletters, newspapers, webpages, etc.

* Work with volunteers to collect, and submit to HQ, accurate data concerning participants, site activity and measurable outcomes. Documentation includes: Annual Site Status Report, post participant and program volunteer evaluations.

* Chair weekly Facilitator Formation Meetings, an integral part of program success, to prevent burnout, avert potential problems, and support Facilitators.

* Manage site details, i.e.; calendar of meetings, participant registration, material inventory, parental permission forms, grouping of facilitators with participants, planning (with facilitators) for Celebrate Me Sessions, working with team to meet the needs of all involved.

* Maintain participant confidentiality at all times, in accordance with mandatory reporting laws.

* Provide resource and referral information to anyone needing further assistance, such as counselling or therapy.

* Follow all Coordinator Procedure responsibilities as outlined in the Site Policy Guideline Handbook.