In our Spectrums program, teenagers at school and adolescents gain an opportunity to discuss ever-changing feelings at a crucial age, which may possibly seem to be the most limited of growing ages for a chance to talk. Spectrum has three programs for – Junior, Middle and Upper secondary students and consists of 12 sessions including age appropriate games and activities.

Establishing an identity and personality is vital for youth in development, and we know that teenage crowds can be brutal with words and environments at pivotal times. Spectrum gives teenagers facing grief and bereavement an open chance to be candid in a confidential, sympathetic environment. Listening without judgement is key to the facilitators’ role as they can often be the only listening ears available to disheartened teenagers.

The Junior secondary program continues the story of the young people who were introduced during the Rainbows primary school program.

Our “Making Things Better” journal works on two levels. The first grouping focuses on adolescents from age 13 to 15, with the second from 16 to 18. Groups will be small, intimate meetings within the aforementioned age groups, of three to six people. All discussions are strictly confidential and geared toward the emotional needs of each person