What parents are saying about Rainbows
• When my husband and I separated there was not much change in my son’s behaviour. I feel that it is fair to say however that it was the caring and support that he received at Rainbows that helped him with his behaviour and temperament. I really appreciated the opportunity for my son to attend Rainbows. It seemed to have given him an opportunity to speak in an open and safe environment and to see that he is not alone in what is going on at home. Thank you.
• It’s a time and place she can express how she is feeling.
• When we go to the cemetery they talk to their Nona and let her know what they get up to in Rainbows. Before they never did cause they would get very upset etc.
• She is very happy to do Rainbows and she’s learning a lot from it and she’s learning to express her feelings.
• Rainbows is a great Program for children I’m glad my children had this opportunity.
• My son still has difficulty with his father’s new family and trying to fit in with them, but at home he is able to speak to me a little more about his feelings. He absolutely loves going to his Rainbows Group.
• The Program has shown my daughter that she has rights and that her feelings and opinions matter.
• Through the Rainbows Program I have seen a big improvement in my child’s self-esteem and confidence. He is much better with dealing with his anger and is having less trouble socialising with his peers.
What children are telling us about their experiences of Rainbows /What I liked best about Rainbows was ……
• It was fun and I loved it, the best part about it was we got to share our feelings to one another (11 yrs old)
• That I was able to talk to people that knew about my loss and sadness and trust that my feelings or anything I say will not leave the mouths of other Rainbows members (11 yrs old)
• That I knew I could let my feelings out and I could trust the people in my group (8 yrs old)
• Being able to express my feelings (11 yrs old)
• I shared my feelings and it made me happy (6 yrs old)
• All the games and things and talking about stuff that is bothering me (9 yrs old)
• When I shared my feelings (7 yrs old)
• It was fun and it helps me cope with life (11 yrs old)
• How we have fun but be serious also (8 yrs old)
• Mixing together and helping each other. It made me feel more confident (10 yrs)
• Because I could learn many things that help me to be happy. It made me feel good and strong.
• I had lots of things in common with the other kids and I could talk about my loss more (10 yrs)

How I felt Rainbows really helped me was …..
• I could talk about my Nona without crying (11 yrs old)
• Helped me to overcome loss and sickness in family because I was able to talk about my loss (11 yrs old)
• I was not scared about sharing my feelings because other people had the same loss as me (11 yrs old)
• Be a better person and learn from each other (11 yrs old)
• Made me more confident and most of my problems have gone out (11 yrs old)
• Helped me to get over my mum and dad’s divorce and helped me to become stronger.
• That I felt better about myself and my feelings (9 yrs old)
• That I’m beginning to feel really good (9 yrs)
• Helped me to remember I am not the only one with separated parents (9yrs old)
• I got to talk about my loss (8 yrs old)
• I know people care about me (6yrs)